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Why Us

The Sunrise project regularly delivers critical medical supplies, food and hygiene items directly to the areas of Ukraine most affected by the war. One day, this war will end, and Ukraine will be rebuilt. To survive this nightmare, people need our support today.

We can:

Do fast End-to-End delivery

Buy prescription medications

Make wholesale purchasing

Ensure local coordination and reports

Our Partners


When we analyzed what kind of aid Ukraine needed, we talked to the Ukrainian authorities and found out that there were logistical problems with the delivery of aid. Unsorted goods get stuck at the border; they take a long time to get processed, after which they are transported to the central warehouse, where they spend a long time again due to bureaucracy. This is a problem faced by all the international organizations that are trying to help. We want to ensure that those who are suffering actually get our help. That is why we get in touch with people on the ground, find out their specific needs, purchase supplies, and make sure they reach their destination.

You can, but not through our website. The Sunrise project works exclusively with volunteer initiatives and government agencies. And they are giving targeted assistance to those in need already in Ukraine.

Your donation  will be used for purchases for the next order. Also, we always publish reports about the use of money and feedback from people who have been helped.

We will be very grateful for the reposts of our publications, and likes, comments and subscriptions to the Sunrise project accounts greatly help in promotion. You can also become our volunteer by writing us a message and telling us in detail about how you can help the project.

Write us at email [email protected] with your suggestions.

Due to objective reasons we can not accept transfers from Russia.

We can not help with transmigration or migration at this time.